The Art Of Persuasion – 6 Fascinating Techniques

Art of persuasion techniques for compelling problems or needs impressions ( e.g. writing a persuasive charity letter or getting a most wanted nasa t shirt) that is common to your audience and show how this affected you as essay help.

As a person, and how you have overcome it. The audience wants to know what’s in the persuasion speech for them.

They are inclined to give you the benefit of the doubt if you can demonstrate that you are working on a problem they care about.


The art of persuasive speaking, formally called rhetoric, has techniques that date back to Aristotle, who referred to them as establishing good sense, goodwill and good moral character. They want to believe that you have a solution to this problem …

1. Art of persuasion is mainly: using good sense. Let them know you are well-educated on the speech topics, and know of what you are talking about. In a very real sense, this means you are establishing yourself as a trustworthy resource whose knowledge the listener stands to gain from.

For example, Dr. Richard Feynman showed this art of persuasion during the after-action report on the Space Shutle Challenger tragedy. Nobel Prize winning physicist Feynman, was not a rocket scientist.

He stated up front that he was working outside of his field of specialty. But also that he did have well-established skills in doing experiments and scientific research.

To that point, he brought a sample of the O-ring material and a glass of ice water to the speakers podium, and demonstrated how cold (the same temperatures that persisted in Florida that January morning) would cause the material to contract and the seals to open up.

He then showed the preliminary reports that had gone to the authorities, where that critical piece of data was presented and overlooked, because it was buried in footnotes, and weasel wording … A true essay help this life case.

2. Express the duration of your interest is sure art of persuasion. People are more inclined to believe a person who has studied their position, or studied the nature of the problem being addressed for a long period of time.

The time in the trenches doing the research on your speech topic ideas, working from avocation and interest, immediately infuses your discussion with enthusiasm and voice inflection. That is your real essay help – your audience will feel this.

3. Reference source citations in a public speaking speech are critical. There is no excuse for sloppy research or for plagiarism.

List your sources, and why they bolster your persuasive claims. Expect them to fact check. Nothing destroys your credibility faster than out of incorrect or out of context sources.

4. Goodwill means that you’re establishing the believe that your speech topics benefit your public. As long as you keep that in mind in composing a persuasive charity letter. They’ve to believe that not only will they benefit from hearing your presentation, but that you have their best interests at heart.

This is still a fundamental art of persuasion in political and sales dialogs.

Every politician and salesman wants you to believe that they have your interests put forward and most of the listeners want to believe that as well. After all, they are coming to see your presentation and want to hear what you have to say.

Point out how the noble effort of researching has changed you as a persuasive public speaker and researcher.

5. The shine of a good moral character also belongs in this chapter. Establish your credibility in ways that make people believe that you are working towards the greater good.

In much the same way that starting with a problem and showing how you’ve solved it can build rapport, it can also be used to show that you are an individual of sound moral and ethical judgment.

By establishing moral authority, you can demonstrate that you are a person worthy of respect and being listened to.

6. My last art of persuasion tip: establish a personal connection, with regards to your speech topics. Put on a NASA t shirts if you want to advocate against that organization – yes that trick will do, puzzle it out. It will help establish your moral compass.

Understand that your audience isn’t there to hear a sermon, but they do want to know that researching this subject, delivering this speech presentation, has either changed you, or given you a platform to advocate a change that’s good for society.

Likewise, any first hand experience is critical, like the study example of Dr. Feynman referenced in my first art of persuasion technique above these lines:

5 responses to “The Art Of Persuasion – 6 Fascinating Techniques”

  1. Anika says:

    5 Crucial Tips

    Apply the next techniques right in the beginning of your presentation. I advice you to place them right before you sneak preview the main points, and after your have introduced the subject speech topics to the public.

    1. Tell you have been interested in the issue for years, like this:

    I have been interested in this subject for a long time, first as a treatment issue and later as a cultural problem.

    2. Tell you have researched, written or talked before on it:

    I have researched ancient origins for many years – over more than two decades.

    3. Tell about a personal experience in relation to the persuasion:

    I became interested in tropical storms in a very direct and personal way. My family members were victims of hurricane Dean. We lost all we possess … .

    These pointers can help you to establish your trustworthness in the flow of your talk – aka Art of Persuasion!

    4. Refer to any first-hand experience you may have had:

    I have had first hand experience with a back stabbing student. I just completed an idea for an edu assignment and wanted a second opinion on it before I presented it to my public speaking instructor. I asked a peer to look at it and tell me what he thought. But he changed a few aspects and handed it to the professor as his own idea.

    5. Recommend specific authorities and other well-known sources you have consulted. Like this:

    I’ve been watching a scientific documentary and researchers concluded that … .

    Scientists recently have found … .

    Be careful to establish, and above all, to maintain your credibility. If your class does not see you as an expert, then they are unlikely to be receptive to your central idea. So, persuade your listeners that you are relaible enough to speak about the subject in the introduction.

    Good luck with your perfect speech topics and tips collection!

  2. Harald says:

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  3. Janet, Ohio says:

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    Embarking is a huge risk factor – fabricate advice and illustrate them with real life situations. Disembarking is also a big cause for casualties near education schools and playgrounds. So those are the big two persuasion points you could focus on in a speech topic and spread the awareness about things that should be done!

  4. Jhey says:

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  5. Lynnn Uilrich says:

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    That is why I like to discuss that in a ppt slideshow. Easy to make-over friends. Take some photographs of friends or even professors and dress the like you did as a toddler with a Ken or Barbie doll, but than on-screen – with a before and after Photshopped shoot.

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