6 Best Speech Topic Ideas Convertible

Best speech topic suggestions for a public speaking speech and examples of the main points you could consider about women, the Olympics, skateboards, the Jeopardy Rule, more president terms and the Green Tax:

The Effects Of Stereotyped Women In The Media.

Main Point I Women are often portrayed as sex symbols for selling everything. What are the consequences for our thinking about women?
Main Point II Children (and adults too) think these assumptions are real.
Main Point III Strengthening and fortifying unreasonable attitudes regarding women.
Main Point IV Converting the intuitive appreciation of role models.
Main Point V It undermines equality of the sexes – men and women.
Main Point VI It fades away all years of struggling for women’s rights.

The Benefits Of The Olympic Games.
Another best speech topic could be the Cons of the Games of course …

Main Point I Sports promotion due to excessive media exposure.
II Income and revenues from investments.
III Tourism and leisure employment.
IV It stimulates national unity.

Skateboards Should Be Prohibited On Sidewalks.
Some states and regions want to eliminate hazards to pedestrians on sidewalks in malls or public areas, so the authorities ban skateboards and roller skates on roads.

Tell and show why you think that is the right decision for public places. Or: choose the opposite side and write a convincing public speaking speech on this best speech topic with a clear central idea:

Why they should not be prohibited!

Main Point I Skaters are too fast for pedestrians.
II Risk of cutting people off in crowded traffic areas.
III They sometimes brake suddenly, and it seems for no reason … It causes fear among innocent pedestrians at the sidewalk.

The Double Jeopardy Rule Should Be Abolished.
To put it simple: Nobody can be tried twice for the same offence, but:

Main Point I Who decides if a person must again stand trial? Whose jurisdiction? Denied possibility of appeal?
II How to determine and state the precise meaning of the term same offence in law case?
III What if new compelling DNA evidence is discovered after a trial?
IV What in case of mistakes or errors of law? (This point could serve as on its own: mistakes at the trial court)
V Perhaps exceptions, for e.g. murder and rape charges?

Note: All best speech topic ideas in this article do not represent my personal views!

A President Should Be Allowed To Serve For More Than Two Terms.

Main Point I Eight years in office is too short to form a stable administration ะ“ะŽnd implementing political changes.
II If the people thinks he or she is doing very well, they ought to have the choice to elect him or her for a third or fourth term.
III If the country is in State of War there should be one captain, one continuing factor, the president as supreme commander of the armed forces to lead us through a crisis.

Green Tax On Aviation Fuel Does Not Work At All.
This is perhaps the best speech topic among frequent travelers around the world ๐Ÿ™‚

Main Point I Ticket prices will rise sky-high.
II Harms budget air travel.
III Wonder if the tax money is invested in environment projects.
IV Not only airlines are damaged, also other businesses.
V Bad for international business competition.
VI Does not control emissions which lead to climate change.

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