15 Common Persuasive Speech Topics Trendsetters

Common persuasive speech topics including examples of average issues grounds sense and experiences – very tasty to listen to.
Because they appeal to the thoughts, feelings, experiences and even situations every member of the public will recognize.

Yes, you have to do a little homework, to do some audience analysis.

It will support you to narrow down till they fit the public’s mindset in optima forma.

In other words, this page is not about tired and general common persuasive speech topics that have been used too often. Like adoption, the death penalty, public prayer in education, and so on.

On my other pages you can find many, many focused fresh and creative thesis statements on themes like that. Here I show you some fresh and creative hackneyed, and three simple ways to tweak and twist too broad subjects into a more handy size for research.

So, how to write a persuasive public speaking oral about clichГ©d personal experiences that draw you and your audience together? Just find the missing link between you and them. E.g. search in the school library or on the world wide web for:

New trends, ideas, stories, opinions, information and knowledge your listeners do not know, but really like to know.

A new exciting twist. E.g. Tie two fields together and invent a new controversial insight.

The way they are affected by your common persuasive speech topics.

Simple as that! The secret lies in the connections you make. Here are ten examples on accepted grounds in thinking, behavior and attitude:

  1. Parents should not spank their children.
  2. MP 3 players are an aid to concentrate.
  3. Sometimes it is okay to lie.
  4. Why breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
  5. Men and women speak different languages in love matters.
  6. The majority of graduate students struggle with emotional fatigue.
  7. Time is much more worth than money, and that’s not a clichГ©.
  8. Men are obliged to put the seat down for the convenience of women.
  9. Our generation has a different life style than the generation of our parents.
  10. Shoes and socks tell a lot about men.

Common persuasive speech topics on reasonability, aka commonsensical gut feelings in debate are also very popular to talk about. Most audiences like to hear you performing and discussing about:

  1. Work and other facilities need to be easily accessible for everyone.
  2. The pros of garlic are greater than the smell the day after.
  3. Borrowing money from a friend damages friendships.
  4. Juvenile delinquents should be sentenced to bootcamp.
  5. Obesity with children must be prevented by all means.

And what do you think of this example of persuasive public speaking on a customary experience you have: Personal experience is more valuable than knowledge gained at school.

Yes, list shared personal experiences and moments, and turn them into a noteworthy lecture:

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