21 Cool Persuasive Speech Topics and 24 Key Questions

Cool persuasive speech topics for if you are looking for a chill speech idea for public speaking that revokes admiration and crucial queries on fact finding:

Girls are into tall and cute guys, shorties and brutes have no chance.
Mad people practice mad and extreme sports.
The haircolor men do think is the sexiest of / for women …
Ban sexist fashion advertising from street views.
Clothes influence the way people behave.
Football improves your teamwork skills. Why not mixed-football?
Always put first things first.
Be pro-active in all you want to achieve, it pays off in the end!
Carefully planning of a Do-It-Yourself project is half the job:

Other cool persuasive speech topics could be:

Slow service at restaurants is caused by lack of discipline of the waiters.
Talking during movies at the movie theater is a rude thing to do.
Why we sometimes have to do things that we not enjoy doing called discipline …
What type of men is the Ultimate Couch Potato and are there peers that meet the qualifications?
Why people are never satisfied with what they have.
Cannibalism is a ancient old cultural phenomenon.
Chinese foot binding is a barbaric practise.
Arnold Schwarzenegger for president!
It is a huge misunderstanding that Canada has friendly people.
Smart people must be forbidden to emigrate.
The more cheese smells, the better it tastes.

My 24 key questions for researching cool persuasive speech topics in depth:

1. What are the data, bare facts and figures?

2. Official statistics?

3. Charts? Bars? Graphics? Timelines?

4. Why does it interest you?

5. Why is it true? Explain it.

6. Why is it false? Wrong? Explain it.

7. What are your most credible arguments?

8. Why do I like or dislike something?

9. Could be made relevant to the group of listeners in front of you?

10. Which approach would interest my listeners?

11. Is there any new information?

12. Scientific theories, findings?

13. What does the opposition says?

14. Why do you disagree with the opposition?

15. Is there a legal component?

16. Can you offer examples from the listeners’ direct environment ?

17. Why should we think / feel / do the same as you propose?

18. Can you give examples of thing that went wrong?

19. Is there any opposition against your value? Why? How?

20. What are the pros and cons of the cool speech topic at stake?

21. Can it causes change if you comply to the rules and directions you show us?

22. What are fair, informed and credible arguments, which are sustained by evidence and reasonable thoughts?

23. What could serve as evidence, which facts and figures can prove the proper dimensions and contextual backgrounders, and that you are right?

24. What is the attitude of your audience towards your speech idea for public speaking; are they friendly, indifferent or even antagonistic:

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