20 Current Persuasive Speech Topics For Jesting

Current persuasive speech topics on foreign politics and examples of persuasive speech topics on domestic issues for good actuating public speaking:

Current issues, problems and controversies in the world are capital and intriguing enough for verbal speeches and writing essays.

Let me stress again that none of the following statements on foreign policy affairs are my personal opinions, pet peeves or views on world politics …

They are just twenty example current persuasive speech topics, nothing more and nothing less! You can do with them what ever you like.

1. The Kyoto Protocol does not effectively address carbon emission.

2. Why Palestinian self-determination is not called Palestina.

3. Sanctions on Myanmar are largely ineffective.

4. Adopt the UN peace plan for Cyprus.

5. Give Kurdistan back to the Kurds.

6. Kosovo will become independent.

7. Zimbabwe is the next drama in world politics.

8. Central Asian states could become a threat.

9. The situation of detainees at Guantanamo Bay is deplorable.

10. America is not the world’s policeman.

11. The president of Venezuela will invade some Caribean islands.

12. Globalization pays off.

And now some current speech topics on domestic interests and needs most people have an opinion about:

13. Allow parents to choose the sex of their future children.

14. We can not ban genetically modified food because it already is everywhere.

15. The social costs of legalized casino gambling outweigh the benefits.

16. Daylight Saving Time has public health benefits.

17. Homelessness figures are not exaggerated.

18. A wall on the USA/Mexico border could combat illegal immigration.

19. Anti-piracy software does not work.

20. Spanish Americans are at a disadvantage in society for decades.

The last example of persuasive writing requires to make a direct tie to the audience’s needs and interests in the introduction of your presentation.

One way to do that is finding focused ideas for topics that are close to the world and personal environment of individual listeners. I always ask my students to attain an open-approach of current persuasive speech topics in that way:

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