31 Easy Persuasive Speech Topics Polled

Easy persuasive speech topics that are smoothly uncomplicated to research in short time and items on sports for all high school college and higher education students and members of Toastmasters International.

Adoption records should be opened.
Balanced sugar-free nutrition is an effective treatment for ADHD.
Ads aimed at children should be strictly regulated.
Affirmative action is false competition in the workspace.
Sponsor a child in Africa and help the whole community -really do:

easy persuasive speech topics tips model

Television has become the number two news source after the internet and tv will be further downsized.

Rainforests are the most productive ecosystems, chalk the dangered areas and estimate how long they are the lungs of our world.

Aids tests should be required in federal prisons – for all inmates and the prison guards too.

The millimeter wave scanner at airports security zones strikes out all privacy thate we are fighted for.

Beer advertisements promote irresponsible drinking and ought to be banned from the communal streetviews.

Easy Persuasive Speech Topics on Sports
A baseball salary cap would come at too great a cost.
Fill in your favorite team – is the greatest baseball team of all time.
Good pitchers are not good hitters.
A NBA age limit is stupid.
Athletes should retire at the top of their careers.
Basketball should change its rule of fouling out after five fouls.
Bungee jumping is risky despite all the precautions taken.
Invest in excellence sports achievements.
Kick-Boxing should be banned.
Ban blood sports.
Obsession with sports is unhealthy.
Participating in competitive sports too young is unhealthy.
Wear the proper protective gear when sporting.
Weight-cutting techniques in sports competitions are unsafe.
Punish sports clubs whose fans misbehave.
Sports brings out the worst in people.
Sports events can not do without sponsoring.
Sports events should give men and women equal prizes.
Sports is the opiate of the masses.
Team sports are legalised organized crime.
Why we worship sports.

My Tips
If you want to find easy persuasive speech topics on your own, remember that a good persuasive speech topic is not too broad – or in other words:

* Could be easily narrowed down.

* Research must be a piece of cake in short time.

* So, think realistically about what you like and what you are familiar with.

If you don’t know a thing about pianos and aren’t at ease discussing it, chances are that a rare jobs like piano tuning would be a bad speech idea for you:

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