50 Entertainment Speech Topics Foolproof

Entertainment speech topics list for essay writing and public speaking purposes. It is just a starting point to stimulate your own workflow of stumbling ideas.

Adapt and adjust the upcoming list wherever you think is needed. The overall theme and purpose of the merrymaking speechwriting occasion and the audience or group in class level are important factors to bear I mind when starting to check or to erase things from your shortlist:

50+ Entertainment Speech Topics:

Why we don’t win the lottery.
Excuses for every occasion.
How to buy condoms discreetly.
Most stupid labels.
I am new in this place, entertain me!
IQ tests revealed.

How to impress woman.
Crime does pay.
Breaking up isn’t hard.
Comparisons that won’t hold.
Grandchildren’s phrases.
Stereotypes of college students can generate lots of speech topics.
How to slowly drive your girlfriend crazy.
The male guide to selecting an outfit for a high school prom.
Crazy things to do in a final that doesn’t matter.
Chinese proverbs explained.
What to do when you are bored on a lazy Sunday.
Don’t say this to a police officer.
Things men would never say.
Extreme golf courses in the world.
Freudian slips of the tongue.
Test your popularity.
Marriage advice and strange counseling assistance.
Why Santa Claus is a woman.
About the French.
Things I learned from sports.
Things you wouldn’t know without watching films.
How to sing the blues from the heart.
Rare pronounciations of ordinary words and phrases.
The art of kissing.
Bad hair day solutions.
Shopping guide for a man.
Problem solving in an entertaining way.
Funny facts of life are popular topics for an entertainment speech.
Golfing at night or in the snow.
Lawyers and the truth.
Creative marriage proposals.
How to play the singing saw.
Gift wrapping tips for men.
How to photograph a puppy.
Are you ready for children?
Strange dress codes.
A man’s dilemma: beer or women?
Clean your house in 30 minutes.
Stages of a hard working employee.
Office work rules up side down.
Insults from famous people.
Basic rules for driving in – fill in a big city.
Things your mom would never say.
Explain baseball or football to a foreigner.
Applicant speak in job letters is a great material-oil well too.

Use my entertaining speech topics checklist to develop creative how to’s, great solutions, remarkable ways of appoaching the subject, funny secrets, amazing methods, odd examples, rare angles of view, humorous situations, et cetera.

These are proven successfull techniques to embroide on my example entertainment speech topics in a nice and different way:

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