32 Exciting Persuasive Speech Topics Logged

Exciting persuasive speech topics about 13 travel and 19 miscellaneous for your speech class:

13 On Travel

  1. Always report travel complaints as soon as possible when back home.
  2. Backpacking means every day unexpected adventures if you are open for it
  3. Book a travel trip in advance and there will be no disappointments – by the way, it is often much cheaper.
  4. Cut import taxes for tourists in towns that need more income revenues.
  5. If there was no tourism there would be much more poverty.
  6. Support eco-tourism – offer lots of practical details!
  7. Tourism ruins historical sites and there should be placed warning signs to awake them.
  8. Why you shame yourself for tourists of your own country.
  9. Extreme air turbulence can be fatal.
  10. Fly First Class at least once in your lifetime.
  11. The best way to travel is in a guided group.
  12. Wild life safari’s are orchestrated adventures.
  13. Ten Commandments for playing at the beach.

19 Miscellaneous Exciting Persuasive Speech Topics

* Television sex and violence is harmful to children.

* Sign the Student Pledge Against Gun Violence.

* Teachers must be paid based on performance.

* Vegetarianism is another word for unhealthy dieting.

* It’s a myth that bottled water is better than tap water.

* Citizens who don’t participate in democratic processes should be forbidden to

* Australian aboriginal tattooing is art.

* Women are not fairly portrayed in the media.

* Workplace dating is wrong.

* More women in military staff functions!

* Whaling for scientific goals is a contradictio in terminis.

* Do volunteer for school camps now!

* Low carbohydrate diets are more effective than low fat diets.

* I can learn better by myself than with a teacher.

* Beauty contests degrade women.

* University dorm rooms ought to be shared by more than two students – try to
   defend the pros. My portal help with other exciting persuasive speech topics
   brings you more. Do dive into it after completing this page 🙂

* Huge disasters always happen at X-Mas time.

* Unions have caused ridiculous regulations .

* Robin Hood was a terrorist in his time … This seems to be a very strange subject,
   but put yourself in a wider, open out of the box mindset and see the potential
   possbilities of this somewhat provoking title statement:

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