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Fear of public speaking statistics and facts on speech anxiety or so-called glossophobia in my Cure Stage Fear Section. Cold sweat on the stage is called by many terms; anxiety, the expression stage fright, the indication of not well feeling, and address phobia or performance anxiety.

It is a social phobia related to self-presentation in front of an audience. And that is the definition I use too. Scientists call it sometimes social anxiety disorder.

Their medic term is glossophobia; it comes from the Greek words glossa and phobos.

fear of public speaking statistics

(See the terms in this figure explained below)

Most rhetorical terms and abbreviations are retrieved from the Ancient Greek philosophers who have been mastering and mapping the definitions and todays current terminology of the art of persuasion. Glossa means tongue and phobos stands for panic or dread.

Here I present the most important educational fear of public speaking statistics, seven bare facts. These are hard to find, so I have compiled one fact sheet, that is based on studies of national and international mental health institutes and governing bodies.

Some surveys and research results show that most people rather die instead of talking in front of a live audience. This is a global fears top ten:

1. Public speaking or stage fright – Glossophobia
2. Death and end of life – Necrophobia
3. Spiders and other arachnids creatures – Arachnophobia
4. Darkness and twilight – Achluophobia, Scotophobia or Myctophobia
5. Heights, altitude or elevations – Acrophobia
6. People or social situations – Sociophobia
7. Flying in airplanes – Aerophobia
8. Open spaces and squares – Agoraphobia
9. Natural thunder and lightning – Brontophobia
10. Confined spaces or small rooms – Claustrophobia

Compare this to other Top Tens and you will notice that communication stress is correlated with the fact that finding good speech topics is difficult. This is the absolute number one common phobia. It is even beating out the aversion against death …

Having an aversion to this social skill has negative effects on careers and influences success in life negatively when you do nothing about it. So cure it, I would recommend.

It is never too late to do something about it! And lots of individuals and groups are ahead of you in taking adequate measures:

Claudia Johnson public speaking fear and shyness

Three out of every four individuals suffer from hyper tension: that is 75 percent of the world population according to the World Health Organization. Do the expanded fear of public speaking statistics test and find out what your score is.

Up to 5 percent of the world population, hundreds of millions aged between 18 and 54 year, experience this kind of social phobia in any given year.

Women and men are equally affected. In general, there is no very significant difference between the sexes.

Although there are fear of public speaking statistics that present figures in which a slightly more women suffer from speech anxiety related problems than men.

But among the people who look for help, ther are more men than women who seek treatment to cure this distressing emotions. Some public speakers have turned to beta blockers medicine or hypnosis healing treatment methods to find relief.

But I prefer self-help materials (just like this inventor offers 🙂 as I describe in my book review, and other best selling self-growth books. There are lots of cheap and affordable techniques on the market that could solve your problems – if any.

Social phobias often start with shyness in childhood or early adolescence, and it is progresses during the adolescence years, according to scientific studies on this subject matters:

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