Health Speech Idea Layout on Hospital Hazards

Health speech idea about the hospital risks ordinary patients run into such as sterility, infections and billing costs, and the problem being encountered if you are being diagnosted wrongly. This ???floor plan??™-synopsis is a flexible skeleton for spoken actuating you can revamp to your own primary necessities: 


They often say that you leave a medical clinic sicker than you got in.

Why is that, what are the hazards, dangers and risks? So, argue that public health is at stake:

I It is not sterile at all.
We think we are entering a building complex that is totally free of bacterias, viruses and germs. There are studies of sterile supply doctors and nurses use, and they conclude alarming facts.

a. Infections are in the top ten of death causes in most developed countries.

b. Pneumonia in the lungs. Always treated with antibiotics, but even than some viruses are still resistant.

c. Serratia marcescens bacteria in the respiratory and urinary areas of the human body.

d. Staphylococcus infections. E.g. MRSA ??“ the methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus and its dangers is a nice separate health speech idea if you want to concentrate on one of the insanitational and poisoning hazards.

II Errors doctors make.
There are governing and supervision agencies, and they tabulate and publicize every year the number of (fatal) errors and mistakes general practitioners, physician specialists, and surgeons make. Look if there is a similar organization in your country and use the figures as proof for the next floor plan of sub-points:

a. Diagnostic errors in medicine ??“ if you know the real facts ??“ they are scary and shocking;

b. Suspect mortality figures ??“ clinics try to hide sometimes real rates on deaths.

c. Uncomfortable feedback to patients ??“ miscommunication leads to abuse of drugs.

d. Costs ??“ it is estimated that we play ducks and drakes with tax payers moneyto correcty all mistakes and wrong conditions.

III The shock of the billing and insurance pain.
Is is another health speech idea on itself, but you can incorporate it in this outline. There are not in all arts of the world serious one department to respiond to all questions patients could have after a hospital visit.

If you are not blown away by the insurance premium, there is another chance of being complete surprised: the billing …


Do convert a lot of the lines noted in the floor plan above, as many professors and teachers google your text to verify if it is not ???borrowed??™ (copy-pasted that is to say 🙂 from a website. Nevertheless, if you fill in the your own regional rates and ratios you are already a very long way down the road towards a fresh original speech topic.

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