18 Hot Persuasive Speech Topics and 8 Recommendations

Hot persuasive speech topics and 8 tips to create the need to agree with your ideas as exposed in your high school speech class presentation. These eighteen ready-made persuasion statements can be used to tickle your imagination mindset:

  • All cultural treasures should be returned to the country of origin.
  • Borrowing money from a friend damages the friendship.
  • Do something amazing and give blood!
  • Everybody should be an organ donor.
  • Family supporting services can prevent placing children in foster care.
  • Feminism and family life do not match.
  • Make museums free to enter.
  • Stepchildren need special programs.
  • Support the preservation of endangered languages!
  • The American Way of Life does not exist anymore.
  • Arts express the level of quality in cultures.
  • The two-parent family is best.
  • There should be cultural content quotas in broadcasting.
  • Understanding the American culture means understanding blues music.
  • Using a known sperm donor is taking a big risk …
  • We have lost our cultural identity.
  • Why people want to be with friends.
  • You can learn a lot of friends who are different from you.

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How to Create the Need to Change Their Mindset?

There are several methods to change the mindset of the audience – your high school speech class mates – in order to persuade them to agree with your ideas as exposed in your hot persuasive speech topics plans.

The main technique is: establish the need to overcome difficulties, gain some benefit or leave things as they are.

Use these tips to generate your main and subpoints in which you create need:

1. Explain that the methods now being used are inadequate.

2. Prove the status quo to be incapable of achieving its own goal.

Give the reason as to why the present mode of operation prevent us from realizing the gain and is locked into the misguided policies.

3. Show its importance. Show why it should concern them too. (Pointing)

4. Show in your hot persuasive speech topics that there is a need for action to overcome a difficulty or gain benefit, urge a change, point out what’s wrong with present conditions.5.

Provide the need for improvements and changes of a situation, state the current situation, what is wrong with it, how it can be improved, and how your solution benefits the audience.

6. Tell of one or more recent incidents to illustrate the need. (Illustration)

7. Demonstrate the inefficiency of existing methods of solving the problem. (Testimonies)

8. Offer additional facts, examples and quotations to make the need convincingly impressive. (Ramification)

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