18 Light Persuasive Speech Topics and 11 Checks

Light persuasive speech topics that are easy to perform, e.g. non-toxic insecticides or fair trade products, and completed by eleven checks to prepare in order to gain confidence when public speaking:

1. Why kids should not occupy the front seat with a passenger airbag.

2. Why student athletes should be drug tested.

3. Why we should use non-toxic insecticides for killing cock-roaches in stead of toxic stuff and achieving the same result.

4. Why boys do perform better in a class with only boys, and not in mixed departments.

5. Why we must replace letter grades with number grades in accordance with the European standards.

6. Why the ability to read and write is essential to participate in modern society.

7. Why race or ethnicity may not be factors in education admissions and those rules should by hunted and outlawed.

Other light persuasive speech topics to sparkle your brains 🙂

1. Ways to prevent elder abuse. Do something about it!
2. Top 5 benefits of working for a large company.
3. What you can do for your country.
4. Bike to work and get two things: a better health and a cleaner air around you!
5. There never will be some sort of United Nations of Europe.
6. Only buy fair trade products to help us to get a better world aftet all!
7. Phase the penny coin out …
8. Flu shots are necessary for risk groups – or is it spilling of money as the virues evoluates in time?
9. Teamsports improve teamwork skills and more production.
10. Rural development is the main cause of wildfires in East Asian countries.
11. Job interview classes should be required in high school / college as mandatory lessons as part of the graduation preps. Because what if you have a great diploma and you are not ready to use it on the job market?

11 Checks to Prepare

checklist to prepare cajolery

1. What values do you hold in relation to the subject you argue for?

2. Why do you stand for it? Explain it to yourself in one sentence.

3. How do you practice your value(s) yourself (weekly, daily)?

4. Why should we think, feel or do the same?

5. Any opposition against the core of your light persuasive speech topics?

6. What are the pros and the cons of the especially somewhat heavier light persuasive speech topics if you choose to go deeper into the stuff?

7. Can it causes change in behavior?

8. Is there any similarity to other problems?

9. What are effects or consequences of your ideas?

10. Immediate action required?

11. What if they (your listeners) do not act:

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