36 Original Persuasive Speech Topics Best-Performing

Original persuasive speech topics on education issues like time management, seventeen on controversial claims such as dating behavior rules, and twelve about global geo-political affairs like conflict diamonds: 

Education Public Speaking Ideas
Time management and setting priorities sure help to deal with academic pressure in school.

Arts courses should be required in all K-12 education classes.
It should be made illegal to dropout from school.
Books should never be banned or burned – it reminds of bad times in history.
Students must be required to fulfill community service.

There should be a no touch policy in our school for teachers and students – even shaking hands is out of the question or comforting in sad situations.
High school students ought to be required to take multicultural education classes.

Controversial Original Persuasive Speech Topics
Police should always be held accountable for roughing-up nonviolent activists.
Seniors are too old to adopt children. br>
Racial balance could be achieved without affirmative action.
Abolish agriculture farming subsidies.
An unwilling alcoholic should be required to get help.
Nuclear power is a good alternative energy source.
Granting amnesty perpetuates illegal immigration.
Trial by a citizen jury is not objective; deliberations should be chaired by a legal professional.
Dating behavior rules are simple for girls: No is No and not Yes.
Employers should not have acces to genetic testing results.
Only buy energy efficient household appliances.
Human fetal tissue research helps patients suffering from Alzheimer??™s disease.
There should be one uniform national healthcare system.
Let graffiti artists clean the walls they ruin themselves.
The First Amendment on the Freedom of Speech can be applied to internet communication.
Segregating classes by gender does not improve achievements.
Children of divorced parents are at greater risk.

Global Affairs Original Persuasive Speech Topics
Local aid to African communities is more effective than national aid.
There is a new kind of colonialism in foreign politics – countries buy and explore natural resources in other nations.
Hundred percent airline safety is an utopia.
Restrictions on weapons trade ought to be more severe.
Impose sanctions on countries that do not prohibit child labor.
Multinationals rule the world, not governments.
Freezing assets is a succesfull counter-terrorism strategy.
Cultural treasures should always be returned to the country of origin.
Western nations should not impose their standards on developing countries.
South-American tropical forests disappear in an alarming speed.
A diamond exploration certification system prevents conflict-diamonds trade.
Support the non-profit Mercy Corps International humanitarian organization to eliminate poverty.

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