Pageant Speech Topics Practical Checklist

Pageant speech topics brought in by beauty contest queens and translate into a public speaking checklist for talent competitors for whom wearing a prom dress, make up and hair-styling is not enough. Many glitz, semi-glitz and natural girls want to know what they can expect, and how they can prepare themselves.
Not only for a great physical appearance (make up, dress, hair-styling) but also for a content-rich pageantry:
1. BE BRIEF – Samantha from Texas writes: keep it short and stick to the minutes designated for the given activity. Some pageant beauties talk on and on, proceeding far beyond the allowed period of time and everlasting unnecessarily long text to speech blabla is a problem for you, but also for the jury and all distinguished visitors and contestant performers.
2. PAGEANT SPEECHES TEMPLATE – Sandra from Illinois has designed a not complicated template with starting tips for writing the pageant speech topics before you memorize them and learn it by heart. Just fill in the empty spaces – do narrate in the first-person, in a conversational tone:

    • Greeting – Say Goodmorning, goodafternoon or goodevening to your judges, family and friends, and the other contestants.


    • Name – State you full (stage) name and tell where you from; city and state.


    • Education – Tell them what grader you are at school, your individual educational current level and give the name of your school and the city.


    • Central Message – Say: I am pleased to tell what I like to do! (see for sample pageant speech topics Check 4.)


    • Future – Draw your future perspectives in a nutchell, in one sentence.


  • Thank all for listening and make a lady like reverence showing respect to the judges.

3. THE JUDGES – Natalie from Kentucky is advising all contestants to attract those who have to estimate your intellectual qualities, and your physical fitness and beauty with some snappy speech quotes. Find the funniest and content-rich oneliners to spice up your ideas, and to disorganize upcomping prejudices in the public at once.
Use onliners only if you can tie them to your central message of course:
E.g. Pleasing is confirming others in their positive self-image 🙂
E.g. An opening – a gap – in the ground is of no importance or significance at all, nevertheless you can break your legs in it 🙂
4. THE MESSAGE – Your central message must be according to Ekisha from India about yourself. She introduces example pageant speech topics to reflect on:

    • Your outlook for the future, the prospects and perspectives you strive for.


    • Show one of your beautiful personal physical, social or moral characteristics. Take one, but you can take either you like.


    • What do you like to do in your spare time pursued for pleasure or relaxation.


    • Mention your family – your mother and father, sister(s), brother(s), your grandma and grandpa.


    • Sporting interests (swimming, dancing, tennis, biking, softball and squash are all-time favorites)
      and other outdoor activities (kayaking, hiking, and scuba diving are winning ideas for speeches).


    • (Study) adventures abroad.


    • Volunteering work that inspires you.


    • Local seasonal traditions and celebrations, and your role.


  • Your ice-breaking personal mission statement based on your unique selling point.

Anyway, she says – and I agree fully – choose pageant speech topics that will be recognized by the public. And connect that message to the pre-selected division speech topic of the judges – make a fresh appraisal to it. They will be surprised!
5.THE DELIVERY POSTURE PUBLIC SPEAKING CHECKLIST – Is brought in by Jacomina from South-Africa:

    • Walk confidently in your exciting prom dress to the center of the podium;


    • Smile and make eye-contact from the beginning when you enter the stage spotlights;


    • Keep your head held high;


    • Pull your shoulders back;


    • Hold your stomach flat;


    • Your body language should be moderate and natural in the flow of your text. You are looking great due to the make-up, so feel it.


    • Make a good first clever, controlled and magnetic impression.


  • Practice diffferent forms of pageant speeches, watch your speed and rate, and get feedback from the homefront, and not only on your hair-styling 😉


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