Persuasive Speech Topics List Covering 36 Assertions

Persuasive speech topics list on the issues of poverty, debt relief, Bollywood movies and the news programs listed in good ready made public speaking speech topics statements: 


Lack of education contributes to poverty.

Market mechanisms could help poor people.

The poor could be helped by seeing them as consumers with special needs.

Legalization of long term illegal immigrants helps the economy.

Link debt relief of developing countries to carbon emission reduction.
Reduce by half the proportion of people living on a dollar a day is possible.
Hispanic poverty is caused by racism.
Hispanic poverty is not only caused by racism.
There will always be poor people … despite of the sympathetic UN 2015 goals.
Explain the connection between poverty, racism and literacy.
The G8 leaders cause more poverty in developing nations.
Why not steal from the rich and give to the poor? (Category moral public speaking speech topics)

Action movies reflect the fall of good manners.
Characteristics of the ideal Hollywood sccenario script.
Hollywood movies have a bad influence on the world.
Hollywood or Bollywood movies – in nominal numbers, creativity rates, and engagement popularity?
Reading books is more fun than watching movies
Ratings are not effective in curbing violence.
Animated violence influences the attitude of young people.
Some market toys provoke and promote violent behavior.
Pirates of the Caribbean is an overestimated movie.
Talking during movies at the theater is rude behavior.
The cinema industry needs no censorship.
The system of documentary ratings is relative.
Why the scariest horror pictures with evil characters and plots are popular.
Why people do not like going to the cinema any more.

Good news is no news, and no news is good news. Explain why.
Governments should not own news broadcasting corporations.
International satellite news broadcasting pose a threat to indigenous cultures.
It is impossible for news media to devote equal attention to all people.
Public shame in tv reports is a perfect way of criminal retribution.
Parents are responsible for what news their children see on TV.
News programs should rather be interesting than important.
The … fill in a TV network or station of your choice … has the most slanted coverage.
Ad spots in news programs (that’s to say: two commercial breaks in a half-hour show) should be banned.
There is a liberal bias of one type or another in the media by highly educated journalists with a left-wing agenda.
The reasons why TV news program weather forecasts are not always accurate at all.

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