18 Persuasive Speech Topics on Health Recruited

Persuasive speech topics on health in case you are looking for interesting issues and themes on ionizing radiation of cell phones, food additives or infant nutrition; these eighteen topic suggestions are good for your public speaking health too 🙂 And no, they are not my personal reflections or whatsoever. And yes, they are just to spice up your own thoughts! 

Indoor air pollution is responsible many diseases. I favor a traditional health insurance plan where I choose the doctors I wish. (Or take other options for insurance programs for more persuasive speech topics on health)

Traditional medicine and healing practices have been used for thousands of years with great contributions.

How the United Nations organization wants to reduce newborn mortality and maternal mortality in the upcoming ten years.

Appropriate management enables asthma patients to enjoy quality of life.

Everyone should have access to safe blood products originated from a quality assurance system.

Cook your poultry or risk a campylobacter bacteria infection …

There are no substantive medic issues related to electromagnetic fields of cell phones.

Reliable information is a key factor for the best HIV prevention and treatment.

Proper condoms reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections spread primarily through person to person contacts.

We must prevent that the financial crisis evaluates into a physical and mental wellness crisis.

How safe are food additives? (There happen to be hundreds of them)

Exposure to ionizing radiation can pose a substantial physical shape risk for vulnerable people.

Healthty public speaking quote Why liberal politicians are concerned about genetically modified products. (Is it for their own public speaking health popularity? 🙂

Good fitness education increases the awareness and knowledge of personal hygiene in development countries.

What to do to avoid a heart attack, a stroke or other cardiovascular diseases.

How to keep a close eye on your public speaking health when preparing and delivering on stage 🙂

Adequate infant nutrition is essential for wellbeing the rest of a person’s life.

Mitigating possible pandemic influenza effects should be a public priority.

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