18 Persuasive Speech Topics on Policies Noted

Persuasive speech topics on policies heading from presuppositions about retirement pensions to green jobs in order to convince people to make up their mind and set priorities. Just pick!

Good governance means openness, transparency and accountability. Work the tree essantials out, and close with a request for assessing their own organization.

Involvement of animals in research should be minimised, there are alternatives.

Warrantless search and seizure must be allowed in the war on drugs and narcotics.

We must ensure greater protection for marine environment biodiversity trough international protocols. 

There is nothing wrong with Double Dipping; collecting retirement pensions and company paycheck at the same time. Half retired and part-time exchanging experience from old to young professionals. (You can limit and focus these example presuppositions theses to employees of government agencies or local institutions. Just diverge and diversify till you have the best persuasive speech topics on policies of your sole choice.)

We should spend 0.7 per cent of our gross national income on projects of international development.

President Abraham Lincoln policy quote The immigration system should be based on three pillars: border strengthening, process simplifying and removing illegal immigrants effectively. (Of course these are optional, this is a sample persuasion speech topic idea for your public speaking presentation)

Guarantee free personal care for people with highest needs and serious diseases.

Why invading North Korea is a no go plan. And we must convince all neighbour states to support dilplomatic efforts.

Tax exemptions on church property should be used for charitable and community work only.

Terrorists should be tried in military tribunals and not in the regular criminal justice system.

Why cities insist on having their own local economic development policy.

It is an illusion that green jobs are contributing to the economy and environment. Or do you not agree – list your reasons and arguments in a logical reasoning sequence.

Ways to encourage healthy weight conditions among our youth as that is the base to maintain a better conditional life on the long term.

Stop clothing and textiles sweatshops through the purchases you make.

Support scholarship programs for street kids and at-risk kids.

Eliminate weapons-usable materials from stores and shops. They should be requested to conduct a good governance code in not-selling explosives to people who they think have bad things in mind. Openess and transparancy is a must.

Administrative divisions ought to provide meaningful opportunities for disabled persons to access.

So, just select and set up eminent persuasive speech topics on policies that are based on broader, distinguished constituents.

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