25 Persuasive Speech Topics on Policy Debate

Persuasive speech topics on policy change from expat housing and partner-program plans to green building projects for a high school debate in which you have to advocate for and against a resolution or for a cross-examination debate in policy public speaking class or competition events. These resolutions are good topics you can affirm or negate – discuss the pros and cons of that individual thesis.

There are three categories I would like to discuss and debate together with you here: the (state or regional) government, the high school board and your local town or village community. Our government should: 

  • prohibit airliners to charge extra carry-on luggage fees.
  • offer appropriate and affordable housing to all citizens, just like companies do with expat housing for their overseas workers.
  • initiate a self-regulatory policy for the media.

  • nationalize oil spilling companies and seize all oil resources.
  • form a military alliance with East Asian countries.
  • enact laws to fight corruption in Africa to ensure economic growth and prosperity.
  • abolish diplomatic immunity for criminal activities.
  • guarantee fundamental rights for victims of cybercrime.
  • discontinue medically drugs that are unnecessary.
  • shut down all domestic internet traffic for state security reasons.

Now ten persuasive speech topics on policy at your own school! By advocating these resolutions you could make your school a better place … (ahum) Our high school board should:

  • punish severly pupils taking drugs.
  • promote world literacy by adopting a school in development nations.
  • should set up a partner-program with adult education initiatives.
  • establish safety, proper arrangements and student help.
  • significantly increase revenues for arts classes.
  • should reduce their ICT carbon footprint.
  • expand vocational and policy public speaking training.
  • be able to expel problem causing students.
  • implement bullying policies.
  • ensure that the foods served are nutritionally balanced.

    Winston S. Churchill policies speeches

And (let’s stay close at your home) your community. Our local Community Counsil should:

  • enact harsh penalties against public offensing behavior.
  • facilitate agricultural greenhouses by houseowners.
  • consider growing costs of council elections.
  • adopt a proactive approach to environmentally sustainable green building projects.
  • provide safe alternatives to regular vehicular travel.
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