Persuasive Speech Topics How To Instructions Guide

Persuasive speech topics tutorial on the Golden Rules for facts values and influencing policies and lots of elementary principles for public speakers to motivate, inspire and entice. Let’s start my collection of tutorials with the two essentials for verbal class assignments:

The First Golden Rule is: state facts, values or policy claims to get changes. Remodel their views or convince them to act right after they hear you. This is a so-called assertion of truth.

Persuade that your fact is true. Prove that your claim is the best possible one and defend yourself against oppositional ideas that attempt to invalidate your speaking thesis or proposition you put forward for consideration.

E.g.: Prompt your audience that space exploration is beneficial.

Lead to believe that something is right or wrong, moral or immoral, valuable or even worthless. Appeal to the beliefs, morality of your listeners. Family, social and educational values are great starters:

E.g.: Propagandize among your classmates that cheating at school is absolutely unacceptable.

Impel that there is a problem and get the audience to agree with your solution. Motivate them to act or change attitudes, examine persuasive speech topics about tactics or judge coded regulations.

Do appeal to human needs, reason and emotion. Visualize the advantages, and you are able to convince them of the satisfaction it gives when they implement the fine suggested attitude change. It’s a bit of playing persuasive games to put it with a smile 🙂

E.g.: Seduce your public to keep the thermostat in your home at 68 F in winter and 72 F in summer.

The Second Golden Rule in the artistry of writing is this: look for first-class claims that interest you the most and correspond with your audience’s needs and interests. These are the major guidelines for my list of 200+ freebies. This general rhetoric rule is likely to be thousands of years old and it still is a powerful instrument to convince people, whatever their cultural or educational background is.

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Bottomline: rule two also applies to other genres for public speakers. Find a common ground between you and your audience; start your talk with building a bridge to their perception of the world around them.

You want random stuff to chew on in just seconds from now? Take the short cut and try my random generator … And work them out with a primer: I reveal the elementary principles on how to find neat specific angles of approach and main points of your ideas.

But there is much more to discover in this persuasive speech topics section for high school and college students, teachers and professors. For example I give the prototypes for concrete compelling titles.

If you want hints for more conforming ideas that adhere to generally approved standards (I mean in the eyes of teachers) than try these more mainstream archetypes. Easy to apply.

Some students informed me by mail that they completed a whole presentation on some subjects in less than two hours. They picked one of the outline templates on this site and start writing and arranging their points.

In the first paragraphs of this article I told you about the golden rules of the art of public speaking. You will find more illustrations of the method I proclaim in a list of on the house and complimentary statements. And that is not all folks 🙂

Due to the fact that tens of thousands of students all over the globe are searching for help – I get a lot of email with requests for help on this matter, I try to resolve all, have a little bit of patience please – I have created a second agenda with elementary principles. All based on educuational experiences of the students themselves.

Specialized Persuasive Speech Topics Chapters:
In short I refer briefly to the tutorial about how to find, research and write a lecture on prolonged public disputes and other polite confrontations for examination and comparing various angles of view of disputes that cause impassionate discussions on social and political remarks and observations in a public polemic refelection involving opposing viewpoints. Remember, I use to call it performing persuasive games – so ‘brainwash’ the public to accept your thoughts, change their mind. And they are not my own views …

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Motivating other persons is a hot issue for public speakers. Some talented individuals make a living of as a writer and performer for huge audiences. In my guide called on how to generate awakening I communicate a series of fresh examples and scientific organizational patterns to determine the goals of a motivational presentation.

Further on, I help you with proven techniques to initiate and precipitate encouragement and principles or perhaps some provocation to reach higher teamwork goals and achievements.

Student Council:
Or design the perfect student council bid campaign and write a winning committee, assemby or chamber stump; a special form to motivate them to vote for you as new executive. Give them insight into your sole leadership strengths and promise what you can do for your school. Some persuasive speech topics can be used for other election campaigns to if you like.

Want to inspire others? Does your teacher instruct you something like this? Read my How to organize widening and enlightening. I have listed multiple effective outline patterns to organize your ideas. Use them as a potential jump-starting point.

More Specials:
How to develop and expand in detail fire-eating subjects with strong points and how to deal with the opposition in situations like engaged reasoning sessions in competitions and at events where participants who have been invited to discuss and to manifest their energy at tantalizing occasions. Yes, indeed I admit this ia a very long phrase … in short I want to thank all contributors who furnish issues and theme for publication on this student resources site.

Outline Your Persuasive Speech Topics:
A great and most wanted subject is how to outline inventive problem solution topics. Approach the problem by defining, creating precise distinctions in interesting thoughts, and sell the ways you want to suggest for fixing the complications and upcoming disagreements.

Further you are invited to select and define questions about presumptions and assumptions, and the effects of speculation and even so-called Nimby – not in my backyard assumptions on highly questionable and contentious issues about which people want to share openly very strong and mostly divergent feelings and thoughts in a debate at issue. Everything can be made controversial, but not all potential persuasive speech topics are adequate for high school homework assignments. Do select carefully and keep rule number one and rule number two always in mind.

There are more things to do if you want to study the procedures to improve your communication skills. If it feels overwhelming, bookmark this page and come back when you are ready to take the next step: after selecting you have to brainstorm and outline. I am ready when you are 🙂

The next step is checking my sample plan to arrange the material clearly for your listeners in a very focused scheme. And for all teacher’s and instructor’s assignments that incorporate hortative and judging elements I have created a handy student formula canon in order to arrange persuasive speech topics for public speaking in a proper way, and if you want to have a sneak peak: does your text meet the assignment rules correctly?

Some professional spokesmen have emailed me that they use that rubric too in order to present important issues and principles in their centerpiece address.

And for more inspiration:
My Fun and Humor list one and two are easy to approach in the navigation menu bar on the left of this page. Plus look at the open-air and indoor athletics persuasive speech topics regarding both recreational and professional activities. I have opened a special department for anyone who search for a simple and basic list on encouragement in sports.

And you can learn from famous orators: what do you think of analyzing the reasoning and persuasive topics in the famous Gettysburg Address of president Abraham Lincoln, read the complete text and follow the private notes on points, the magnificent obvious and hidden goals in that historical document. It is amazing to see how ostensibly simple this text has been written. Lincoln masters the art.

Same goes for my rough rhetorical analysis of the prophetic worded I Have a Dream locution of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. Learn how they communicate their inspirational messages. How they use figures of speech to get the most out of their power of orating talents:

Historical Event Topics

Historical event persuasive speech topics on the 1776 US Declaration and some major Indian inventions for improving your communication kills in public speaking training programs.
For these speech idea outlines I have studied some significant events and chronologies of historical individuals I think are interesting for an audience that is willing to be persuaded to analyze and examine together with you, the public speaker. These are random themes, but perhaps they will help you to brainstorm nice speech topics that are related to them.

Anyway, it was fun to study the background material and to create a few basic outlines for the historical event persuasive speech topics I like the most!

Why The Signing Of The Declaration in 1776 Is Important to Celebrate. The Declaration of Independence is the birth certificate of the United States of America. The Thirteen North American Colonies declare to be free and independent states.

It presents the formal name of the United States of America.

The act forms the beginning of the establishing of government institutions and Congress that handles all political, trade, war and peace affairs.

The Declaration grounded basic human and civil rights. All men are created equal.

All are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

It presents the griefs that lead to separation from the British ruler. Charges were made against British authorities – including King George in person. It is interesting to see what the common public opinion was about freedom rights those days, represented in firm official stated words.

Now real historical events that influences our modern life. Why Indian inventions? Well, if you do not want them to use for your speech, this could be just an example of historical event persuasive speech topics that lead you to other persuasive themes on alternative inventions – please keep an open mind!

Worldleading Indian Inventions That Influence Us Today. The discovery of the mathematical constant Pi by Madhava of Sangamagrama (14th Century BC). What is Pi exactly, how is it calculated?

Why it is important to know?

Examples of common problems that are solved with Pi. (Great alternative historical event persuasive speech topics – if you like math, of course)

Plastic surgery. Medical scholar and surgeon Sushruta is the first person in history to conduct plastic surgery around 200 BCE.

Later his studies and special methods were introduced in Italy, in Europe.

And nowadays many women and men are consulting cosmetic surgeons.

Diamond mining. Indians were the first to discover the value of diamonds around 3,000 BCE.

Historical documents mention the possibilities of the strength for creating scratching tools.

Also diamond cutting techniques are found in early documents.

Ancient Indians very well understand that trading to other countries diamonds is very lucrative.

Again: these are just humble samples of my ideas for historical event persuasive speech topics. You are welcome to use them if you like, or look further to sharpen your brain in the process. Keep thinking out of the box …

14 Judicial Persuasive Speech Topics

Judicial persuasive speech topics are often applied for class discussions and lectures in order to explore and learn from judiciary principles.Most would not go further than informing on matters of the court system, but there is more – there are things you could tell to persuade people: landmark cases, rule of conduct, wise decisions, and even a so-called Solomonian Judgement. Following is a series of judicial persuasive speech topics based on these frequently requested subjects of discourse. My working definition is: the majority of our legal systems

with laws and courts explicates and puts laws and regulations to use, consequently guaranteeing equal and moral rightness for all citizens, by first instance courts and final appeal or the higher supreme courts. I have arranged five forms of systems, they distinguish from each other by the role of judges and their prerogatives – exclusive rights. Some are controversial judicial topics and thus ideal for public speaking debates:

In civil law judges consult the essential and primary groundrules that are written down in a huge book collection of codices. Good cases on civil decisions are:

  • E.g. Why is it right to advise criminal suspects of their right to remain silent?
  • E.g. Detective interrogators should notify a suspect to consult with a lawyer
          and to have one appointed if he or she do not know what legal advisor to
  • E.g. Police cross-examiniations must stop if a suspect does not want to answer
          any questions.
This type of persuasive speeches deal with principles and administrative rules that are created by the magistrates themselves. So-called legal precedents shaped in their decisions. You could discuss the fundamentals:
  • E.g. Common law should be based clear defined moral and ethical values and
          criterions that are accepted in society.
  • E.g. All verdicts must appeal to logic and objective reasoning and constantly
          adhering to the same equal social principles.
  • E.g. Future case law judgements should build on existing administrative rules as
          justification for subsequent cases.
Religious law proceeds on the basis of a religious sources, such as books, traditions, practices and studies – some are centuries old. Some consider this as controversial issues – I offer only sample judicial persuasive speech topics here, they are not my personal opinions!

Canon law is Christian church law based on directives from the ecumenical councils, the Pope, the bishops and other ecclesiastical officials, and theologians.

  • E.g. Should the leader of the Catholic Church choose his own baptismal name
          as papal name or a special pontifical name? Meaning Joseph Alois
          Ratzinger or Benedict Sextus Decimus?
Hindu law is a comprised collection of regulations and customs based on Smritis that has been shaped and commented in Sanskri by very wise men in India. It gives us controversial judicial topics:
  • E.g. Examine and study the Concept of Coparcenary in the past and the
          current equal succession inheritance sharing property rights for women.
Halakha – established on a series of absolute a priori principles. You could discuss these in a plenary debate in class:
  • E.g. Dating is not entertainment but a serious matter.
  • E.g. Only adult men and women of an age appropriate for marriage may date
          with the direct aim to find a spouse.
Sharia is a combination of holy rules, sacred directives and instructive codes of conduct for Muslims.
  • E.g. Take three rules and compare them with the judiciary rules in your country
          concerning the same issue.
Bijuridical or mixed judicial persuasive speech topics regarding almost all types:
  • E.g. There are no special requirements to become a federal judge. The
          Department of Justive should be more transparant and open about
          how nominees assume their position and the criteria.
Is a form of international law that is codified in a treaties between nations. All that deals with territories on land, at sea, even in space and diplomatic relations.
  • E.g. A diplomat suspected of a crime should lose his immunity from prosecution.
  • E.g. Realistic war video games should be bound by the Geneva Treaties and
          the Hague Convention principles to war-actions.

13 Persuasive Topic Ideas Fast-Setup

Persuasive topic thesis suggestions from physical well-being, a steady fitness program to a well-balanced diet plan for anyone who has to fulfill a speechwriting assignment if time is short and it is urgent … 

The definition of peace is living by international standards of human rights and equity, appreciating cultural diversity, and respecting the environment.

Why high school and college students are intensely concerned with their weight, bodyshape and attractive looks.

The presence of a weapon at home increases the risk of homicide, suicide and unintentional severe injuries.

Excessive television watching could make you ugly fat. Well, the general ‘watching tv’ theme is sure a broader theme for brainstorming many persuasive topic ideas in public speaking training sessions 🙂 In fact do think about revealing the secrets of a tv fitness program from inside …

Parents need to gather more insight and understanding of the web technologies children are using to communicate with each other in their dorm rooms.

Underage people should be appropriately involved in decisions affecting them. E.g. school, health, community issues.

Do pay special attention to an everyday well-balanced diet containing at least sufficient protein, iron, zinc, calcium and vitamins B12 and D!

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) among teenagers can be caused by several environmental factors.

Our federal / state government should provide high-quality child care facilities to working mothers for free.

Public speaking training should be tailormade for participants depending on the degree of stress they are sufferering – building on the positive aspects of your personality.

There is a significant likeness between a travel jet lag feeling and experiencing the first week of daylight saving time.

The low literacy problem – being unable to read, understand, and act upon written information adequately – is a higher risk than you think for millions of people in our country.

The hunt for information about their biological roots by adopted boys and girls is not a threat to the adoptive parents.

Author Janet frame man

Perform at least thirty minutes a day some moderate intensity physical and / or sports activities for teenagers; it really makes you feel good the rest of that day!

From Persuasive Topic Ideas For Speechwriting to Auxiliary Optionals

18 Topic For a Persuasive Speech Suggestions

Topic for a persuasive speech list on a controversial issue e.g. current fashion themes, what bout a happy horse diet in combination with the GM food dispute, in short, this will be a psychedelic rainbow panoply used by my students and send to me as enlightening ideas.

They did a lot of work, I asked for their courtesy permission – got it – and now I am able to share all suggestions with you. See them as a starting point for your speechifying efforts!

Here is the first one. Fashion and girls are popular themes. It results in: Fashion girls really do not need botox injections. But there is more to share, I received many ideas like these in the past ten years in my class room. Is it an interesting challenge for you to ameliorate them?

The effects of so-called same-sex marriage on family life.
Very controversial topic for a persuasive speech but you are a hero when you digg for new information in scientific and reliable resources and show the data in a powerpoint spreadsheet to your audience.

Types of stem cells, why some provoke controversial debate.
There is no need to take a side in the debate as long as you examine the different types and draw a firm conclusion.

What is unconstitutional about reciting the Pledge of Allegiance?
Or argument your personal idea, or of course create a mix if you like.

Protecting your ownership rights on the internet is possible.
Or not? Is an individual able to control, protect and correct her or his data in the virtual world? Well that could be a nice starting point for the outline of another topic for a persuasive speech 🙂 Do not like this one? Here is more my high school and college students suggested.

Are genetically modified foods a severe risk to human or animal (maybe a happy horse) health, or is it activist buzz?
A somwhat long title – shorter is better I think – but it guides us to the practice of genetic modification.

There is more GM food than you think in the local stores …

Does banning religious symbols in public places means no more nativity scenes on town squares?
Perfect for Christmas time. But there are cities and towns that has to deal with groups who ask for a ban. Discuss the pros and cons and take a stand.

We should list a ban on smoking while driving in distracted driving laws, like the bans on using cell phones and texting in cars.
Again a long title for a topic for a persuasive speech. It underlines the complexity of the distracted driving laws. You do not have to be a legal advisor or lawyer – logic public speaking reasoning will drive you in the right research direction 🙂

What is democratic about term limits for state and federal office-holders?
Some say that a President should be allowed to stay for more than two terms of four years in the White House. In France for example the President de la RГ©publique is five yeras in office. What is good, what is bad about it?

Why immigration policies always sets off conflicting and analytical positions.
Strict of not severe? That is the key question in this sample. What about the human factor.

Remember these are not my personal ideas, but statements and titles of persuasion speeches of my students.

Extending the school day by special after school programs is enriching as long as it is not more of the same.
Old theme, but hot in the education field. Enriching is the cdenter word – what could add a greater value and significance to existing programs?

Do you know examples of lesson plans that could be a serious supplement?

An income limit is a fair instrument for administering local affordable housing programs.
Compare the various systems used in different parts of the country. Are you able to discover some sort of a pattern? Are there regional variations?

Perhaps there are other policy instruments lawmakers should apply. What are the effects on the housing market in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods?

This is a potential great and valuable topic for a persuasive speech – that is my humble and honest conclusion for now. Let me know if you succeed.

Pharmaceutical companies should provide free medical help to people who cannot afford medicine.
Questions to answer in relation to this statement:
Who decides that a person is unable to pay for himself?
What are the costs?
Is there a role for insurance companies in this issue?
Or the government?
What are the moral values behind this idea?
Identify those angles and give your judgement.

Is warning and nursing people from the harmful effects of alcohol abuse a waste of time?
If you agree with this title, take and work things out with reasonable arguments.

But choose the other way around if you think that we have a moral obligation to help other people and opt for a positive twist on this sample topic for a persuasive speech.

There should be a penalty for the practice of some financial institutions to refuse to lend money or provide funds to low income and minority neighborhoods.

Is there still a glass ceiling for women and minorities, and what invisible barriers are we looking at?
If you say yes there still is, how can we take those barriers away? Is there a need – identify and specify the need for more female managers at the top of corporations. Describe the positive effects; human resources leadership qualities for example.

Renewable environmental friendly energy sources – e.g. solar power, wind power, biomass and fusion – are the perfect way out of the nature energy crisis.
Environmental friendly subjects are great suppliers of speech topics in my class. I have selected a few, but it is up to you to brainstorm and research further on the best topic for a persuasive speech for you, your listeners and your assignment requirements.

It requires a little bit more data research efforts, because an audience is much easier to persuade when you have convincing data, facts and figures and an fashionable way of engaging all attending.

Human trafficking takes personal and psychological toll and harms our society and economy.
The last on in this section. Focus on a specific region, otherwise you get lost in a huge amount of policies.

Take a border confict, tell what is going on there for a couple of years and give facts from official sources, or even judicial and legal matters. That is the best base for your duty on this theme.

5 Topics For Persuasive Speech Presentations

Topics for persuasive speech class based on academic dishonesty, airport boarding, rap music, household trash and affirmative action for public speaking presentations on actual good speech topics:

What You Can Do To Check-in And Board More Efficient At Airports.

Main Point I Arrive 30 minutes before domestic flights and at least one hour before international flights.
Main Point II Know what document(s) you must carry:

  1. Passport;
  2. Another identification card;
Main Point III Print boarding passes at home if possible.
Main Point IV Assure you have the ticket papers and boarding pass in your hands.
Main Point V Be willing to help custom officers for your own security.

Some speech topics for persuasive speech presentations on censoring music and studying your weekly trash bin 🙂

Rap Music Should Not Be Censored.

Main Point I Rap is performing arts, and arts should not be censored.
II The First Amendment outlaws censorship of music.
III Most rap songs pass the Three Prong Obscenity Test; whether a speech or musical expression can be seen as obscene. (This test could raise other interesting topics for public speaking presentation)
IV Prohibit it, and it will gain lots of unwanted attention and underground activity.
V There is no scientific proof that rap causes violent behavior.
VI Some argue that profan words in rap music give a bad example for kids to use fowl language, but parents should correct them.

Yes, as promised, an outline of speech suggestions for persuasive speech talks on the garbage in your home 🙂

Decrease Your Weekly Household Trash!

Main Point I It will help to lower the amount of waste we all produce. Show your public speaking audience insight in the:

  1. Common household waste and garbage figures;
  2. Local community figures;
  3. State or country figures.
  4. Or give other attention raising facts – for example from your school or college.
II Use environmentally-friendly and choose reusable products.
III It helps to lower the consumption in our society.
IV It helps to avoid that we run out of natural resources.
V Look in your home and decide what can be recycled – e.g.:

  1. Rinse glass, bottles;
  2. Papers, magazines, pizza boxes;
  3. Plastic bags, wrappers.

Here are two speech topics for persuasion talks on somewhat more difficult education stuff: academic dishonesty and affirmative action. But you can use them for high school public speaking if you stick to the bare facts and easy logical persuasion reasoning:

Academic Dishonesty At High School Should Be Punished.

Main Point I What is the common definition of academic dishonesty?
II Offer examples plus definitions:

  1. Plagiarism;
  2. Cheating in class;
  3. Obstruction and sabotage.
III What happens when academic misconduct occurs? Show the consequences for the:

  1. Student;
  2. Teacher;
  3. School.
IV List of sanctions, varying in degree:

  1. Reprimand;
  2. 0 or F for the whole course;
  3. Suspension from high school;
  4. Expulsion from the education institution.

Topics for persuasive speech lectures on affirmative action are in general negative. Here is a sample outline that deals with the positive sides:

Affirmative Action Is Fair

Main Point I It is a proven method to give people equal opportunities, not a technique to discriminate.
II Thanks to affirmative action programs people of different lifestyles, cultures and origins have access to better education and the best jobs.
III Giving a preferential treatment could construct common interests and it will help understanding eachother.
IV It makes it easier for people with disavantages to pursuit happiness and luck.

From Topics For Persuasive Speech to My Larger Opening Page

3 in 1 Topics For Free Speech

Topics for free speech based on meaningful decisions of the Supreme Court on freedom of speech as stated in the First Amendment on hate speech, pornography, and press expressions. Freedom of speech is protected in the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights and is guaranteed to all, it offers you a lot of speech topics:

Freedom of Speech, Press, Religion and Petition – Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The following decisions represent very important rulings of Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States. (For finding similar topics for free speech in other countries, e.g. the Supreme Court of Canada, Supreme Court of India or Pakistan, take their significant decisions of course.) You can use rulings for persuasive or informative public speaking speech topics on freedom of speech in 3 ways:

  1. Proof cases in a persuasive outline.
  2. To inform your audience about great judical and legal developments.
  3. To write a general speech about what is protected by the First Amendement and what action(s) not.

A basic sample outline on a few topics for free speech could be like this:

I. Pornography: What is protected?

  1. Ginsberg v. New York. The state may restrain access for children to sexually explicit information even if it’s not morality indecent or illegal for adults.
  2. Miller v. California. Communities are allowed to determine and settle what is obscene or inappropriate.
  3. New York v. Ferber. Child pornography is not protected by the First Amendment and the government has the power to ban it.

II. Hate Speech And Racism: What Topics For Free Speech Are Allowed Or Not?

  1. Hustler Magazine v. Falwell. Obvious humorous or satirical imitation of a serious public figure like a politician is not hate speech.
  2. Petitioner R.A.V. v. City of St. Paul, Minnesota. Obscenity, false or unjustified injury of the someone’s good reputation,slander and libel can not be restricted when motivated by a hostile opinion.
  3. Snyder v Phelps. Protesting and picketing on sidewalks about a society issue is allowed, even if it causes emotional distress for bystanders.

III. Press: Free Speech According To The Justices

  1. NY Times v. Sullivan. Newspapers can’t be sued for libel or slander about false statements if they are not made with disregarding the truth.
  2. Island Trees School District v. Pico. High school boards may not remove library books they don’t like.
  3. Hazelwood School Dist. v. Kuhlmeier. Schools may control and manage speech texts (topics for free speech) that represent the school’s character or mission statement if the action has an educational purpose.

These are only examples, there are other high court regulations you could turn into topics for free speech presentations about press, books and printed texts.

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