30 Persuasive Topics For Speech Class Preview

Persuasive topics for speech presentations in class on things like a cleaning schedule for housekeeping, gambling addiction and vehicle emissions checks  for innumerable verbal training occasions: 

First, so-called fact claims for education assignments can be:

Sanctions on Myanmar have proven to be largely ineffective.

Strong unions are necessary in times of economic growth.

There are too many people on earth and there are five ways to stop the continuous growth.
Sometimes force and violence are needed to make peace.

Power to the people is not reality in our democracy.
Performance-related pay would enhance motivation.
A car vehicle emissions check is a waste of energy.
Why computer nerds are unpopular.
Why you should like to pay your taxes.
How cleaning could be fun when you organize it differently using a cleaning schedule for housekeeping.

Now some example of persuasive topics for speech and essaywriting on values:

National lotteries have the moral duty to help gambling addicts anyway.
When will the Olympic Dream come true?
It’s not cowardly to refuse to fight in a war.
Being a pacifist is equal to being naive.
Parents should be liable for illegal activities of their children.
Polygamy – having more than one spouse – should be legalized.
Political correctness kills freedom of speech.
Capitalism is not better than communism.
Workplace dating is wrong.
The only answer to cruelty is kindness.

And finally a few topics for persuasive speeches on a policy requisition:

Always choose open source software in stead of Microsoft.
An opt-out system of organ donation is the most effective.
A student may not wear a headscarf at school tests.

Thomas Babington Macaulay Essayist persuasive oratory Why the National Missile Defense should not be deployed.
Efforts to bring Nazi war crime suspects to trial may never be stopped.
Maintain the separation of church and state.
Government should have the authority to decide who can have children.
Lock your guns if there are underaged children in the household.
Brush your teeth twice a day, it keeps the dentist away!
Terminally ill patients should rely on a hospital hospice program.

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