15 Persuasive Topics For Persuasive Speeches and Research Paper Essays

Persuasive topics for persuasive speeches these speech topics also can be used as essay writing and research paper topics.
1. African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans are still discriminated against nowadays.

2. Cancer is the most important disease scientists should research and solve.

3. Employer should be forbidden to track the Internet activity of their employees.

4. Having good relations with Muslim countries should be top priority because it lessen our foreign oil dependence.

5. Lack of money has always been one of the biggest financial topics for students.

6. Leave the free market alone – government regulations have worsen all we have achieved in the 21st century!

7. Natural disasters are pressing social, cultural and economic issues – pick just one category if you want to create a speech idea claim.

8. Science makes our way of life changing too fast.

9. Spreading democracy will lessen the number of conflicts in the world.

10. The FBI should get court permission before monitoring e-mail traffic.

11. The rate of inflation is the main indicator of health of citizens.

12. This country has failed to live up to its ideals.

13. We need to control immigration to preserve our security and culture.

14. We should listen more often to the persuasive arguments of the environmental movement.

15. We still need labor unions in these confusing times.

You can consider these topics for persuasive speeches as 15 persuasive writing topics to start up the thinking process for your public speaking speech, essay or research paper. I have developed thousends of other persuasive topics for your convenience… When you cruise my site you will easily discover them yourself!

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