25 Possible Persuasive Speech Topics Checklist

Possible persuasive speech topics to convince on lets say Harry Potter books or a one-child policy, and a checklist for developing your speech ideas on subjects such as Universal Children’s Rights.

1. Binge drinking has a negative effect on social behavior.

2. The birth control pill is not always safe.

3. The fear of making capital punishment mistakes conflicts with justice.

4. Comics and cartoons are the most important parts of a newspaper.
5. Charlie Chaplin was a controversial genius.

6. Celibacy is not of this time.
7. Censorship is a violation of freedom of speech.
8. There should be more tax-effective giving strategies for charity.
9. Without cheerleaders sports events would be less fun.

Possible Persuasive Speech Topics on Children:

1. Single parents should be allowed to adopt children.
2. Birth order can influence your career – why the first-born gets all.
3. Why the Harry Potter books are popular among elderly persons.
4. Child testimonies in abuse cases are not always credible, they require open questions.
5. Ban kids stars from stages and movies – it will ruin their lifes.
6. Impose trade and social sanctions on countries that do not prohibit child labor.
7. There should be Universal Children’s Rights such as a happy childhood.
8. Court-ordered kid support does more harm than good on the long term.
9. It is better for a child to grow up in the countryside than in a crowded city.
10. Support the United Nations Children’s Fund initiatives like the nutrition goals!
11. The environment of a young person has a direct effect on her of his prospects.
12. Toddlers should be required to take swim lessons under parental guidance.
13. Support initiatives to help child soldiers.
14. Why China has a one-child policy.
15. Current child custody laws cause further harm to already broken families.
16. Divorce creates long-term negative effects for children.

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A neat general checklist for
developing good possible persuasive speech topics with 11 tips you can use during your research efforts:

1. Research all pertinent information.

2. Give good background information on your subject.

3. Actually read the articles you use for research, don’t just skim them.

4. Become an expert on the subject you want to persuasively speak on.

5. Find pros and cons to your possible persuasive speech topic.

6. Outline the arguments against you are speaking on subtly in your presentation.

7. Verify all information that you use with more than one source.

8. Research little known facts and research the more common ones.

9. Facts, facts and data. They are really essential. Keep digging!

10. Ask your librarian in case of doubt on the reliability of a source.

11. Check if you meet the assignment rules your teacher provided properly.

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