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Powerpoint speech topics idea on wildfire and rural development plus the body to better Toastmaster International speechwriting skills. I have focused my example outline for transparant slides on the middle parts. Wanna learn more about the different forms of organizing a presentation? Read about other outline examples in my huge how to outline public speaking section:

Tips before you copy and elaborate on the sample: Concentrate on not more than the classical number of three main points. In each point you state the point itself, offer a reason and an example – evidence, and close by restating the point in other words. Use the ppt slides efficiently.
Only key words, terms, and phrases. Like the speechwriting sample below.It has been brought to my attention by one of my college students as a lighting representation for ideas:


The more homes and companies are built in rural or wooded areas, the bigger the chance for wildfires. They pose a real threat to life and property.

More homes, means more people, means more fires. In 2011 there were over 100,000 large fires spreading rapidly and hard to extinguish – most of them were caused by humans.

Think about barbecuing and grilling, and other forms of open fire, or by throwing away discarded cigarette ends.

Multiplying housing plans, more business activities does increase the risk of wildfires. Although architects make housing designs that offer greater resistance to the radiant heat of flames.

Statistics show that states facing a growing population are confronted with more wildfires over time. Draw the contours of the impact on the regional wildlife environment.

Most of the all uncontrolled fires in trees and bushes are caused by human activity, not by the lightning phenomenon or water / electricity disasters and other natural catastrophes.

The states of Arizona, Nevada, California, Colorado, New Mexico,
Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming are exposed to chances of injuries and
loss.Illustrate this Powerpoint speech topics main point with map projections. Place litte fire icons on the damaged areas with the number of acres and houses destroyed.
And note the number of casualities in a graphic bar.The collection of figures is the best proof of your claim. See more college speechwriting skills.
Political scientist Edward Tufte PowerPoint presentations

A growing population means more countable risks on emergency situations in provincial and suburban areas.

Rural development programs and initiatives, and policies addressing the socio-economic viability do not effectively handle possible hazards.

Despite of the wildland prevention efforts by the state and federal governments providing safeguard to people, homes and the forest itself in the past years, the number of fires is still growing and expanding.

The number of homes and lives lost, and forest devastation is still increasing. Give the number of devastated acres in the past five years (hundreds of thousands and still counting … )

The lack of effective policies focused on suppressing the outbursting dangers in rural areas accumulates the contingency of personal casualties and damage rates.

People Brought In:

Be a Good Person – PPT starstarhalf star

Hello Friends, my self is mahi. I m student of PGDCA 2nd sem. Today i want to share my feelings about how we can be a good person in a power point presentation.

First of all i want to say to all of you what is the meaning of good person?

A person who understand all people & always stand for help to other person.

Prague Love Train Rides starstar

In the Czech capital of Prague there is new sub-way train: the love train. For singles who want to meet other lonely individuals who are looking for some romance. I like this initiative – is it an offspring of the famous tv series Love Boat? – and hope to speak on the subject matter later this season with a powerpoint presentation. But first I have to do some homework – and wait. Let me explain that:

There is no catch for as far as I can see it true now, but the impact could be also that car drivers who have intentions for a small adventure leave their vehicles for what they are and hop on the special underground circle-line carriages of the place to flirt a little. That’s also what the public transport company is aiming for – to literally attract new groups of railway-clients. Inhabitants but also European singles who seek new experiences when traveling abroad.

I want to write an essay about it when the line will be operative for a couple of months and see the effects on the long term. By the way, there are relatively a lot of singles in my hometown in the Czech Republic – also in the city where you live, study or work?

Plus the reactions of the passengers. So hungry for a soul mate – travel to Prague and take the subway – and share your memoirs online after the road trip to love. Now lets wait and see if there will be a successful match in one or two weeks that I can report about in advantage …

Illegal Immigration starstar

Is in living memory the most contentious area in the public debate. Everyone has some sort of opinion about men and women (and sometime even children) who hide themselves in trucks, clim over border fences in the middle of the night and risk their lives …

For what? Not to stir things up in the wrong direction, but what if the resolution is: This House Put Itself in Their Place and Tries to Understand What Moves Them (literally).

Nor condemning or approving what they do. Nope, only exclusively to put the light on another party of the discussion. What is the amount of money – per person involved?

Why do individuals pay those sums of cash illegally for going to another foreign country? Are they really believing that there is waiting there a better future?

Next questions to be answered: in what way did they fail n personal and career life. What about the human trafficking вЂ?puppets’ who guide and transport the human being under difficult circumstances.

Transport starstar

A lot of our gas an oil fuel energy is transported by rail. Often at night or in the early morning hours. And all go good – as long as it lasts. But things can go wrong in suburbs, cities and metropoles where up to millions of ordinary citizens feel safe and secure in their beds.

But what when something goes wrong? The train is losing his track and hits a residential area. Is there a possibility to shift the track of dangerous and toxic railway transports in order to lessen the risks of train disasters.

Prevention is obviously a substantial conversational theme. You could tighten it somewhat by place the focal point on trains and (also conceivably) subway derailments. What should the public authorities do and why.

Are there scenarios to avert that all damage and casualties? The protocols for practicing an exercising with all involved government agencies and rescue services is a great start-up speech idea.

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