10 Really Good Persuasive Speech Topics Benchmarked

Really good persuasive speech topics not only for communication spin doctors but also for for high school students, and tips (among them some from Deanna Sellnow) to work out a good idea for a speech with the comparative advantages speech outline.

In brief, prove that one proposal is superior, higher in importance, to competing proposals by making a sharp contrast; compare the features, or the advantages and drawbacks.

Mental attitude directly affects the healing process.

Water is the upcoming hot issue in the Middle East region.

Cultural diversity is not a barrier for social unity.

Applying for an opt-out system of organ donation is the most effective for closing the gap between supply and demand for tissues and organs.

The Olympic ideal is still alive but needs some renovation.

Newborns without brains should not be used as organ donors.

Parents should have a license for having children – granted after examining the knowedge about raising kids.

Do write a living will and make your own decisions about life and death, especially when it comes to life-sustaining measures.

The world around us is full of communication spin doctors and framing is one of their favourite tactics.

The immunity of politicians in office should be abolished – rulers can go wrong after all, they are not infallible …

The Comparative Advantages Speech Outline
If you are a high school student who must complete a persuasive speech assignment, it is essential that you understand the basic types of the patterns for really good persuasive speech topics.

Some examples of public speaking types include the Monroe??™s Motivated sequence as well as the discussed comparative advantage speech outline. Scientific study show that many speakers use elements from both forms to construct their address. See for more on competetive advantages analyzing Confident public speaking (2004), written by Deanna D. Sellnow.

Each of these types creates ways in which you can motivate your audience in one form or another. Therefore they are especially proficient when it comes to motivational presentations. Additionally these structures allow you to better organize your thoughts about really good persuasive speech topics and your speaking methodology.

In order to understand this particular outline, you must have a working knowledge of the Monroe??™s motivated sequence outline. Once you have an understanding of how this particular outline is structured, you will understand the comparative advantages pattern a bit better. Terri Sjodin wrote about this subject in his 2011 study book Small Message, Big Impact. You see, in Monroe??™s there are two components that are referred to as the creative visualization and the fulfillment. One simply outlines a general problem, and then the other offers a solution for that problem.

According to author Clella Jaffe, who recently published the great lecture called Concepts and Skills for a Diverse Society, you must apply the comparative advantages outline bearing this in mind:

  • Show two strategies related to your best idea for a speech;
  • And then point out the main similarities, resemblances and differences;
  • In the end you prove in a convincing way which is best way to handle, think, move, act, et cetera.
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