15 Serious Speech Topics on Know(Ledge)В 

Serious speech topics on various reflective ideas for presentations like divorce, anorexia nervosa or even genuine-twisted Star Wars persuasive public speaking topics plus tips for using the list of writing ideas below. Before you start writing your oral talk, know who you are talking to.

Check yourself this first: 

What is the background and education level or general knowledge of the audience in relation to the serious topics you want to discuss?

1. People with autism should share the same rights and social privileges as we all do.

2. International adoption like some celebrities did, harms the child very serious.

3. Contraception and birth control should be freely available for under-age girls.

4. People who have committed serious crimes should not help making laws.

5. The National Missile Defence is a bad episode of Star Wars.
6. Why the recording industry must stop complaining about file-sharing.
7. Organ transplants should be prioritized on the basis of lifestyle.

If you decide on one of the serious speech topics on this page, than it is helpful to know what the specific needs of the audience are, leaving trivial matters aside. What are their expectations in relation to the serious public speaking topics?

8. Government-funded scholarships do not create a truly free educational market.
9. Only African nations should be peacekeepers themselves on the African continent.
10. Patients with an anorexia nervosa eating disorder should receive palliative care for their distorted body.
11. The high-speed economic developments in China will stop one day.
12. I do not agree your hate speech, but I will defend and guarantee your constitutional civil right of freedom of speech.

13. Freezing assets, bank account and other properties is a succesfull counter-terrorism strategy.
14. A humanitarian dictator is better than a weak democratic leader.
15. Divorce creates long-term negative effects for children.
16. Proper forestry regulations prevent serious soil erosion and landsliding.
17. The European Union ought not expand any further – twenty seven member states is already a mission imposible.

Another question you may now ask is: what does my audience want to listen to attentively? What do they want to learn from my serious speech topics? And how do they want to apply my tips and views in real life?

Put it in your finishing conclusion and make an effective call to action. Inductive syllogism of your premises, from the general statement to particular things your listeners should agree with.

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