25В Speech Class TopicsВ Stop Wasting Time

Speech class topics list including twenty five of the best from art awards and air travel to fashion models and Hippie temporary community gatherings for education assignments needs and communication orals in:

a. middle school;
b. high school;
c. college;
d. university.

1. Art awards and academy prizes. And note that there is more to see and discover than just summing up the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences categories.

2. Body art face painting and airbrushed tattoos that lasts for only a couple of weeks / months.

3. Movies: the characters, the spinning of the story lines, and splendid script writers who are honored with best scenario awards – perfect examples enough.

4. Museums, fairs, expositions, souvenirs, memorabilia, collectibles all what is informative in ….

5. Music: bands, singers, stars, the lyrics you will never forget and why, internet music radio stations and their specialized music genres.

6. Behind the scenes of a news network station.

7. Safety and security in air travel – take the persuasive approach on big issues or the three already basic outlined speech class projects.

8. Gardening: famous old palace and castle gardens in France.

9. Historical reenacting and living history.

10. Building and maintaining highways and roads – make it convincing as in these speaking plans. Mix in the high school speech topic you choose a sense of urgency.

11. World Records: strange, funny or amazing records in the Guinness World Records Book. E.g. Having the Longest Ears on a Living Dog 🙂 Really, it’s in the famous book edition! Ideal for public speaking training purposes.

12. Theme Parks: review your favorite one after a nice day.

13. How to Set Up a Weblog and Earn Money and why it does not work like that for most of us. It is tragic for a lot of hardworking and typing bloggers who want to change the world with writing on the big themes ideas, but that’s the way it is …

14. Aviation pioneers and their aircrafts. Consider the first notable woman Amelia Earhart.

15. Fashion Models: the difference between top and supermodels.

16. Presidential Campaigns: pick out one campaign for speech class of view my larger collection anyway.

17. Jewelry: the gold- and silversmith and the craftmanship from element to the ring or bracelet you wear.

18. How original Aboriginal Australian boomerangs are made to fly back and return to it’s sender …

19. Cheerleading uniforms and supplies.

20. Musicals on Broadway and West End.

21. Famous tunes and songs in commercial breaks. You can find them online around the globe. What is the story, the feeling behind it?

22. Hippie temporary community gatherings nowadays – you bet serious teachers above fifty years know what the seventies really were … 🙂

23. Witches or other mythical figures.

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24. How a book becomes a best seller. Put in some persuasion thoughts and approach the subject from the needs of writers and publishers.

25. Preserved dried flower wreaths and plants.
Nice for ever lasting bouquets and not only for Christmas time.

15 Topic For Speech Class Ideas

Topic for speech class presentations in high school speechwriting lessons based on persuasive thesis statements for speech topics.

Encourage our women to participate in any ministry because women have become vital to the work of the church.

The most crucial time for puppy socialization is the first three months of a puppy’s life.

Gender verification – aka sex testing – to avoid men from posing as women in women’s sports competition is unnecessary.

A multi-party system is more democratic than a political system with just two parties. Or take the other way around and discover various topic for speech class ideas.

What people do to diminish the processes of human aging. (For example lifestyle changes, surgery, vitamin and antioxidant pills)

We should educate the public on the causes, the risks and the hazards of our individual human climate footprint on Earth.

Parents should be involved in education by supervising of school homework. (Like homework for speechwriting classes … 🙂

Dating sites are an easy way of meeting people, but not a good way…

The thin line between compulsive gambling behavior and low-risk fun gambling.

Why the health insurance premiums increase all the time.

Sports athletes should be punished every time they use inappropriate violence in a competition.

Patients who sue the tobacco industry should take responsibility for their own actions – they should have known better.

The Greece government is not able to restore its financial system without help from the International Monetary Fund.

Why TV commercials we don’t like often are most effective …

The rich pay enough taxes. (Or not, take a side)

How to react to somebody who tries to change your personal religious beliefs.

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26 Topic Speech Examples

Topic speech suggestions and ideas for presentations about informative and persuasive speech topics in class or even on the after dinner table.















The Colour Wheel and its hot and warm colors.

The working of a stock exchange. (Perfect for an info key topic speech on the local and foreign exchange business)

How to become a substitute teacher in your neighborhood.

Prepare a family meeting about a serious relative related matter.

How the government cares for veterans after their mission. (And if you want to make a judgement, it’s a persuasion presentation of course)

The Big Bang that created the Universe. (Not for creationists)

The major legal rules for advertising regulated by the Federal Trade Commission.

The causes and symptoms of sleep apnea. (Or sleep apnoea if you like)

Improvisational jamming is more than a bit improvising.

What is feudalism? (Tell them about the political and military system in medieval Europe with this historic topic speech)

How meteorologists’ make their weather forecast every day.

How do females and males compete against each other in what sports divisions / leagues?

What is the second Industrial Revolution? (When, what, how)


How to understand abstract and non-realistic art forms for dummies.

Why long-term investing in stocks and bonds will deliver the best returns.

There is no difference between public and private schools.

The cons / pros of an online family doctor / General Practitioner.

Does the Iraq Strategic Partnership Office (I S P O) work?

The story of Jack the Ripper in London’s East-End area in 1888.

Be aware of legal issues of your acting in daily life and in case of doubt do ask a lawyer.

Laser hair removal is better than shaving.

Artists should get paid for donwloaded music.

Wikileaks harms, damages and destroyes the international diplomatic circuit.

Cats are more sociable pets than dogs. (Or vice versa of course, that depends on your choice… 🙂

Sports are a confronting mirror of society.

The social, political, and environmental repercussions of oil reserve research in natural areas by great gas companies.

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