16 Sports Related Persuasive Speech Topics Enumerated

Sports related persuasive speech topics matchplay golf and tennis and other public speaking ideas World Cup referees to rugby football for a high school graduate who likes to score about sport issues. And remember this note: these are not my personal thoughts, just some samples I have assembled for your convenience 🙂

A – The facts everybody ought to know about the (eg.) SUKMA Sukan Malaysia Games in Malaysia. (Or take another great tournament)

B – Play sports and you get a lot more than just a fit body.

C – What makes performing extreme physical exertions so popular.

D – A single round of matchplay golf can bring rival communities together at hole nineteen.

E – What coaches must know about sports related persuasive speech topics in order to create a real winner champions.

F – Why women professional team competitions became popular among men in the last twenty years.

G – We should make facilities more accessible to people with disabilities.

H – The Olympic bid books of candidate cities must contain the financial en social effects on society and local economies on the long term.

I – Soccer World Cup referees must understand intercultural habits.

J – There should come a biological passport for pro athletes to monitor any use of doping throughout a career.

K – Boxing should be banned from the Olympics because a lot of the viewers do not like it when someone is getting hurt live on tv.

L – Darts contestants are no athletes but only funmaking beer drinkers …

M – Rugby football is nothing without its rough tackles (although they can cause severe injuries…)

N – Why we always know how a sports film will end …

O – It all started in the antiquity; and it’s essence in human history is obvious for mankind.

P – The wild card system (like tennis) should be introduced in all competitive and recreation team athletics.

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