16 Strong Persuasive Speech Topics + 7 Selection Criteria

Strong persuasive speech topics on sixteen controversial bones of contention like skateboards, higher education studies, and water management and the seven essential picking-criteria for the best persuasion outcomes. The following hints are hypothesis set-ups, beginning inceptions to elaborate on further in your dormroom as homework primer when you are rather shy of telling you are out of good input: 


1. Zero tolerance policies are not working.

2. Fanatic religious movements are dangerous for young people.

3. Labor unions have brought in value and justice in the workplace.

4. Mothers may breast-feed babies in an airplane – avoiding scenes.

5. Wikipedia is as accurate and reliable as Encyclopedia Britannica – proven in scientific studies:

6. Everyone should have access to free medical services.

7. Gas masks are largely ineffective against biological agents.

8. Why we must drink enough water each day.

9. Decommissioning is the only road to negotiations with war lords in Sudan.

10. Give emigrants the right to vote on Election Day.

11. Do sign the Student Pledge Against Gun Violence.

12. Eating meat is violating moral principles.

13. Higher education should only be accessible to good high school students.

14. Only democratic nations should have a vote in the U.N. General Assembly.

15. International water management is the issue of the future.

16. Skateboards should be prohibited on sidewalks.

Frequently Asked Question among speakers: How can you find a public speaking topic to discuss that will persuade, please and interest every member or most of the audience and not leave them feeling that they have no interest in what you are discussing?

Well, try these criteria:

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