17 Top Persuasive Speech Topics Brainwork

Top persuasive speech topics diverging from an intelligence test and even cheerleading fashion to Governor of Poker plus four tips for using the right sources to elaborate on your good thinking: 

1. Promote earthfriendly cars by tax benefits.
2. Child testimonies in abuse cases are not always credible.
3. Kids are most likely to become child soldiers if they are poor.
4. The separation of church and state should be maintained.

5. Caffeine does not work at doing homework.

Twelve other top persuasive speech topics are a slightly different and a bit harder to work out – but why not?

1. An emotional intelligence test (EI) is more important than measuring the Intelligence Quotient (IQ).

2. Ban the filibuster, or endless speaking or talking out a bill, from Congress.

3. Why the prophecies of Nostradamus are right / are not right.

4. A curfew is an effective tool to control vandalism.

5. This is the age of cyberocracy – governments rule by the use of information.

6. DNA can help solve more ‘cold cases’ (criminal investigations that have not been
? ? ? solved and are no longer being investigated).

7. Why not everybody is born to wear cheerleading fashion …

8. Cell phones have a dangerous amount of radiation.

9. Family leave time is a basic employee right.

10. The effects of the pig influenza or swine flu are over dramatized.

11. The international diplomacy looks like a circus but unevitable.

12. Online Governor of Poker is a disease if you play the whole series.

4 Tips For Using Your Public Speaking Speech Idea

1 – Using more sources to complete your public speaking task does not have to be just for the top persuasive speech topics you are considering for your talk, though that is a good idea and should be part of your plan.

2 – Using additional sources to better understand and define the assignment itself is also a great way to prepare.

3 – Sources for such things as the proper use gestures to help make your point, how to make your tone more persuasive, etc. can help to finetune your presentation.

4 – Sources with advice on structuring your outline in a snap will make it easier to present a good outline with the completed assignment. Do check the outlines I have collected!

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