Tropicana Speech Rubric System

Tropicana speech tips on developing and delivering super effective the classical three parts when giving speeches.

Each should have three parts, according to the basic science theories for a student, you formulate:

a. an Introduction to grab the audience’s attention;

b. a Body, which is the main message and delivers most of the information, supported by arguments, facts and evidence;

c. a Conclusion, which brings everything together and makes the final point or call to action.

have been told not to memorize the Tropicana speech,
but rather to just mentally organize the basic structure and know their speech topics ideas
inside and out so they can deliver the most natural sounding presentation possible.

If they have something of great importance that they want to have memorized, they should just use a small notecard or paper with brief notes to jog their memories.

In this way, they can make constant eye contact with their audience and especially with individual members of the public, which is extremely important for the delivering of an excellent talk and for developing more self-confidence of my students and pupils.

I call this simple but effective technique the Tie a Tie to Your Audience Method and it is highly recommended by every Tropicana speech instructor or speech science professor. This will also enable the participants to speak with the enthusiasm that’s needed for an effective performance.

Now some words about the essential speech contest topics tips I use to give to my pupils. I always advise participating 4 through 6 graders:

    • to speak with power so their voice will carry, but without yelling;


    • to speak as if they are talking to their best friends;


    • to understand that it’s okay and even super effective to pause for a moment to think about a point instead of saying um
      or something like that;


  • and not to say thank you at the end of the public presentation, since the audience should thank them for a job well done.

Conclusion: developing Tropicana contest topics and participation to the competitions are rewarding and character-building experiences for all: participants and teachers.

Do think about using the contest next time in your school curriculum.

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