Your Speech Class on Informative Speaking – THE Tip

Your speech class instructors tips for teaching extemporaneous speech topics with notes or key cards and helping to prosper do-it-yourself e-learning skills.

Whether you are instructing, coaching or counselling in a high school or a college class, the chances are you will be starting with informative speaking.

But how does one clearly convey to the students what an informative speaker looks and sounds like?

The answer is rather simple and it consists of one word, teacher. Since your students have had their fair share of great teachers, middle of the road lecturers, and terrible instructors, they have a good idea by now what a good learning should sound like.

And since a good coach is doing nothing more then partaking in some informative speaking, your speech class pretty much knows what it is all about.

Teach them about extemporaneous notes …
The extemporaneous notes are the notes that act as a personal guide for the person communicating the informative lecture or public speaking speech topic ideas to the audience.

Instead of reading a lecture word for word – o so boring to watch and to listen to ;-(- the coaching guide acts as a way to make sure that certain points are touched by the student on all while giving room for a little personality and uniqueness.

E.g. A good example would be to write out an entire lecture word for word and then write your extemporaneous notes for the same lecture.

Read the first lecture word for word. And then do the same lecture using the notes, or guide, and ask the class which they preferred. This is an ideal e-learning technique that paves the way for later life in front of a large group.

Nine times out of ten they will have preferred the second to the first. Just give it a try at your high school. It really works, I have experienced myself.

Also it is important for your speech class preps to understand that a good informative speaker will make sure that the people she or he is speaking to can clearly understand what is being said.

It is also important to make sure that there is always a relevance pointed out about the subject at hand, no matter what that subject is.

Some form of intervisional counselling is the best way to make sure that everyone in the room will give their full attention and grasp the information being presented enthusiastically.

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